Re: How to change ETL layer dynamically?

From: Geoff Muldoon <>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 14:44:25 +1100
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In article <eed0e313-0f02-4a83-ba87-1623c9045ab3_at_>, guser78 says...
> We have to create a Datamart containing the Customer characteristics
> like 'Heavy Buyer; Chocolate lover' etc., and this has to be done by
> evaluating the relevant attributes in the Data ware house tables.
> But, in our case, the definition of Customer characteristics can
> change occasionally based on the new market conditions.
> This means that we should allow the dynamic administration of the
> definition of Customer characteristics.
> Please guide me on we can do this from an Application which uses the
> Datamart as the backend. Do we need to write an additional software
> module (for e.g. JDBC) to interpret the 'write' requests coming from
> the Application, and adapt the ETL layer accordingly?

Google: "slowly changing dimensions"

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