Re: dbstart with wrong shell / wrong systax

From: Frank van Bortel <>
Date: Wed, 03 Feb 2010 09:47:30 +0100
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Sven Hilmer wrote:
> hi all
> After installing Oracle database 11.2 on Solaris 10 x86
> the dbstart script doesn't work because of the interpreter
> is set to /bin/sh but the script uses syntax of ksh/bash .
> dbstart:
> line 1:#!/bin/sh
> ...
> This export statement is illegal for bourne shell
> so the script exits with an error message and doesn't the database processes
> How do you solve this problem?
> Sven
> --
> Sven-Olaf Hilmer, Solaris System Engineer

frank_at_cs-frank03:~$ bash
frank_at_cs-frank03:~$ echo $ORACLE_HOME_LISTNER

frank_at_cs-frank03:~$ echo $ORACLE_HOME

frank_at_cs-frank03:~$ export ORACLE_HOME_LISTNER=Blah frank_at_cs-frank03:~$ echo $ORACLE_HOME_LISTNER Blah
frank_at_cs-frank03:~$ export ORACLE_HOME=$ORACLE_HOME_LISTNER frank_at_cs-frank03:~$ echo $ORACLE_HOME_LISTNER Blah
frank_at_cs-frank03:~$ exit

Beware, LISTNER is usually written as LISTENER (note the extra E) Also beware dbshut and dbstart usually are called during system startup/shutdown, not meant for 'normal' operations


Regards, Frank van Bortel

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