Re: "Business Logic / Rules should never be in the database or stored procedures"

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Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 19:25:28 -0500
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Thank you. Much to learn still, though I have playing with Oracle for near 12 years now and respect it for its potential. Admittedly I have never been a fan of the Oracle branded tools, but database... hands down winner in my opinion.

I think I will gain ground eventually at my shop. Its not a good position for them to take the stand they are currently. It essentially puts the Oracle ERP environment in a state of not being compliant with your company's IT standards and policies... by the nature of how the ERP envrionment functions. Instead I aim to shed some light on what can be done and balance with best practices. Avoid saying no because thats what we have always said in the past, and evaluate and educate appropriately.

P.S. So far I continue to find the responses to the thread quite enjoyable.

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>On the other hand, there're
>more dba's than architects. It's good to see one listening to us!
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