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From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 20:18:09 +0200
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The Magnet schreef:
> Dynamic queries suck! But, our setup is that we have a table with
> application stored queries. PHP calls a stored procedure, passing it
> parameters as well as the name of the query it needs. The stored
> procedure goes into a table, gets the SELECT statement and creates a
> dynamic query based on the parameters passed and then opens up a REF
> CURSOR for PHP to read. Here is an example:
> begin for_php.open_php(:data,'ba','SHAREPRICE',:col);end;
> So, the query is dynamic which means a hard parse, right? 90% of our
> application is written this way. It has really sent the latch waits
> through the roof, which probably causes performance issues.
> We've set CURSOR_SHARING = FORCE to help us, but we'd really like to
> bring the parse count down. Since these are all dynamic, and are not
> re-used often since the parameters, are we SOL?
> Been reading pages like this to look for answers:

They suck indeed!


Cursor_sharing = force= a bad idea. It MAY improve performance, but query results are unpredictable and instable.

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