Re: Quicker process of creating tables over dblinks

From: Geoff Muldoon <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 16:26:58 +1000
Message-ID: <>

In article <efbc7001-9985-454a-a32b-198ad70e67b0_at_>, novice82 says...
> Hello Geoff
> > IIRC, the optimizer has difficulties calculating potential index usage
> > over DBLinks. Assuming that there are indexes on cust_id on both these
> > tables, consider creating a view in the source database with the join on
> > the tables there, and then select from that view over the DBLink.

> I get an error saying " unable to extend temp segment by 61446 in
> tablespace.
> So working on the source db is not an option. Moreover, I have been
> instructed not to use that database for any testing purposes.
> any other ideas ?

Rather than create one table based on a join over the DBLink, create TWO tables, each selecting from only one table over the link. Then index your columns and do the work (create table or just create view) locally.

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