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From: joel garry <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 09:49:03 -0700 (PDT)
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On Jul 20, 7:15 pm, wrote:
> Is there an RSS or other type of automatic feed that announces
> upgrades, patches, etc?  I would like to find an easy way to
> follow upgrades so that I can discuss knowledgably with our
> DBA about which ones might apply to us.
> Many TIA!
> Mark
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I see on the My Oracle Support settings page there are options to receive Hot Topics E-Mail about these things. I haven't tried it in the new version, so I don't know its limitations. You would need your DBA (or whoever has admin access on MOS) to grant you access to support if you don't already have it, using your email address to log in. Looks like you can follow products whether or not you have them, as well as product bugs marked as favorites (LOL) and SR's.

I've had this for years under the old metalink, but it eventually turned into yet another folder full of stuff "I'll get to." The old system would often have broken links in the mails, though some of the links that did work were informative.

In case you haven't noticed, Oracle support is shutting off the old metalink in the next couple of weeks, and some people are unhappy with the new system.


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