Re: emulate sql-server / MSDE with oracle

From: Mark D Powell <>
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2009 13:38:41 -0700 (PDT)
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On Jun 5, 8:14 am, Andreas Moroder <Andreas.moroder_at_[nospam]sb-> wrote:
> Malcolm Dew-Jones schrieb:> Andreas Moroder (Andreas.moroder_at_[nospam] wrote:
> > : Hello,
> > : more and more application use MSDE. Is there now way to let oracle
> > : emulate the MSDE behaviour ? This way it could be possible to have all
> > : the data in oracle even if the application thinks it is in a MSDE.
> > In general, no.
> > Which behaviour do you wish to emulate?
> > (Which behaviour would one wish to emulate?)
> Hello,
> the more the better.
> If the new DB2 9.7 emulates most functions of a powerfull DB as oracle
> is, it should be possible for oracle to emulate msde.
> Bye
> Andreas

I see no valid reason why Oracle would want or need to emulate MSDE.

If the application does nothing but straight DML then you can substitute one database for another; however, most applications written on a database make use of the database specific language: TSQL  for SQL Server, PL/SQL for Oralce, and SQLPL for DB2. Oracle does have a free tool, Migration Workbench, that will help you convert code written for SQL Server or several other products into Oracle code.

But it the application is a vendor product you are most likely out of luck.

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