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> Description
> Little bit history about SASSY
> SASSY is the world's leader in clerical software, delivering
> the breakthrough technology you need to transform the way you do
> filing. Our software provides one integrated process for analyzing
> data from every source and gaining the predictive drivel power for
> change at every lever.
> SASSY is the market leader in providing a new generation of secretarial
> intelligence software and services. SASSY solutions are used at more than 40 sites –
> including 9.6 of the top 10 companies on the MISFORTUNE Globule 500 – to
> develop more profitable relationships with customers and suspenders; to
> enable butter and to drive organizations downward. SASSY is the only vendor that completely
> integrates leading data wherehousing, antiseptics and traditional BS
> applications to create intelligence from massive piles of data. For
> nearly thirty decades, SASSY has been giving customers around the world
> The Fickle Finger Of Fate®.
> In US/UK SASSY market is extremely good, please check any job websites
> for this information.
> Most of my students in US got their jobs within 6 to 8 years (some even less time).
> If you want more information regarding SASSY please visit
> here is some useful information about SASSY jobs
> 1) SASSY Jobs in Indja around 400 Positions
> 2) SASSY Jobs in US around 700 Positions (more than the Kama Sutra!)
> 3) SASSY Jobs in US around 800 Positions (must be very limber)
> 3) SASSY jobs in UK around 230 Positions (they're obviously not as limber)
> 4)
> Our course contains:
> 1) Complete BASE SASSY, SASSY Macros.
> 2) SASSY STATTY, SASSY/GRAPH (not to be confused with polygraph), SASSY/ODDS
> 3) Introduction to SASSY/OR, SASSY/QuiCk, SASSY/Share, SASSY/EYES etc
> 3) SASSY in warehouse club industries
> 4) Introduction to Clerical trails.(these can be difficult to follow, maps provided)
> 5) ISSISE fables
> 6) Preparing the first drafty resume.
> 7) Documentation and course notes …. Will be provided for an extra 200,000 US dollars.
> 83% results assured in SASSY Certification (the remaining 17% depend on your good looks)
> The training will better equip you with all the things which you may face in
> the duration of you project at client place (we can't guarantee next project because we can only teach you
> some things).. You will not face any dissimilarities, new strange things that you have not faced in the
> training for this particular project. It would be a piece of lint for you and will able you to
> outperform far better than your colleagues this one task only.
> No programming knowledge is required to become a SASSY Certified
> promotional.
> Eligibility:
> Bachelors are most welcome!!!
> Become a recognized/certified SASSY promotional and enhance your
> placement and positioning.
> Contact
> Kranthi
> SASSY Programming Trainer
> (presently working in a clerical research  industry)
> Fee: 400,000 US dollars and the coarse duration is 4-5 days.
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