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From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 22:30:34 +0100
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Totti schreef:
> Hi everybody,
> I need i query that i will run behind VB, this query will take a value
> from a text box, and look it in the ACCESS DB provided, This is am
> easy part, the difficult part for me is when i need to join 2 or mor
> tables, e.g.
> Take from the textbox some characters say "JACK", take from a Combo
> the value "FULLTIME" (found among other values like HOME, PART
> TIME.....), and go to the tables FACULTY(for the part of the name
> given) and to the table ASSIGNMENTS(for the assignment chosen) and
> find me everyone who has "JACK" anywhere in his name from FACULTY and
> who happens to be in the ASSIGNMENTS table a "FULLTIME";
> This query should bring me everythinge Like : JACK XX, JACKOB,
> JACKOBS, JACKSON,... and who have the value Initiated in the Combo,
> this can be done because of the _PK and _FK of the DB. These 2 tables
> communicate through the relations between their keys.
> Can anyone help me with that please?

You're in the wrong group, pal.....

But I think it should be something like

select * from
faculty f,assignments a
where (some join between a and f)
and like '%JACK%'
and a.assignment = 'FULLTIME'

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