Getting ORA-27369: job of type EXECUTABLE failed with exit code: Permission denied

From: just_real <>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 20:22:06 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>


I was trying to set up a test job in Enterprise manager and I got this error when it tried running the script.

I've created the script on a RAC cluster . It contains the following:


. /oracle/.kshrc

env >> /tmp/t.txt
which sqlplus >> /tmp/t.txt

sqlplus scott/tiger1_at_PINFRA <<-!
set serveroutput on size 1000000
select 'Hello World' from dual

I've ran this successfully via the command line. Could someone advise as to what I am missing or did wrong?

I had a look at metalink and check the points given there but I seem to have them covered.


Justin Received on Sun Dec 14 2008 - 22:22:06 CST

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