Re: General question on tablespace creation

From: Xavier Maillard <>
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2008 08:39:16 +0100
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"gym dot scuba dot kennedy at gmail" <> writes:

> "Xavier Maillard" <> wrote in message
>> Hi,
>> Is it better to create a small tablespace auto-extendable to a (defined)
>> maxsize or to create it with a "static" size.
>> What is your opinion ?
>> Thank you
> It depends. One compromise is to have it autoextend in chunks up to a
> maximum. For example:
> alter tablespace foo add datafile 'mydbf' size 100M autoextend on next 50M
> maxsize 10240M;
> If you are going to use autoextend then I would extend in good sized chunks.
> (perhaps 100M not 50M) I wouldn't create 1 M pieces at a time. The
> disadvantage of autoextend is if you run out of room in the OS. You could
> have 10 files on that mount point and if they all tried to autoextend and
> the combined max was larger than the mount point you have a problem.
> On the other hand, if you are using a backup method instead of rman you have
> to back up a whole static file - even if it has very little data in it.)

Thank you very much for these crystal clear explanations. I think I will use the latter rule: create the tablespace to its maximum size.

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