Re: exporting datas from an Oracle db embedded in an office automation software

From: joel garry <>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 14:52:50 -0800 (PST)
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On Nov 13, 1:07 am, wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> if the subject is a little bit cryptic, I will try to explain it
> better.
> A client of mine manages his business using a software based on
> an embedded distro of Oracle.
> I "suppose" it's an Oracle db because in the installation folder of
> the
> software you can see a lot of files starting with string similar to:
> Oracle, Orac, ORAC.dll and so on.
> One of them was similar to a command line terminal.
> I have no ORACLE experience.
> He needs to abandon this platform because he's having troubles with
> the software house.
> So the question is: is it possible to export all the data contained in
> the
> db without calling the service of the software house.
> The client is sure they won't give him any back up.
> Moreover the software has no backup utility (or at least no visible
> back up button or menu voice).
> On saturday I could post a screen capture of the installation folder
> so
> you could make your valid considerations.
> Thank you in advance for any suggestion, help or tutorial.
> Franz

Go into a cmd box and type in:

If you get a banner and prompt instead of an error, we can easily help you.

If not, look at services and see if there is anything with ora in the name, look in the system environement for things with ORA in the name, then look in the registry for things like HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE \ORACLE and we can perhaps help you playing 20 questions.

Are you sure the data is on the same machine as you are looking at? There are a number of ways to have it elsewhere. When did the client first get this software?

Note also it is easy for someone to install Oracle for a completely unrelated reason, including because the vendor supports multiple database engines. I was just noticing one of these that is being installed on SQL Server that has some Oracle Rdb stuff...


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