simple query with types problem

From: Shearer <>
Date: Sun, 09 Nov 2008 09:43:26 GMT
Message-ID: <2hyRk.188805$>

create or replace type IndirizzoTY as object
(via varchar(30),

comune varchar(20),
provincia char(2));

create or replace type PersonaTY as object
(cognome varchar(20),

nome varchar(15),
indirizzo indirizzoTY);

create table Persona of PersonaTY;

insert into persona values('Insegno','Pino',IndirizzoTY('Via Dante','Roma','Rm'));

select indirizzo.via from persona;

ORA-00904: "INDIRIZZO"."VIA": identificativo non valido

Which is the correct sql command? Received on Sun Nov 09 2008 - 03:43:26 CST

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