Re: comparing a DATE column with "one minute ago", type warning?

From: Laurenz Albe <>
Date: 13 Oct 2008 11:09:19 GMT
Message-ID: <>

joel garry <> wrote:

>> >         where lastping < (sysdate - interval '1' minute);
>> >                           ^       ^
>> >                      col 28     col 36
>> > Warning(16,28): PLW-07202: bind type would result in conversion
>> >                away from column type
>> > Warning(16,36): PLW-07202: bind type would result in conversion
>> >                away from column type
>> I'd say that the warning is bogus and should be ignored.
>> According to
>> the difference between DATE and INTERVAL is a DATE, so if lastping is
>> a DATE there should be no implicit conversion necessary.

> I'd say you are incorrectly assuming that since the difference is a
> DATE and one of the operands is a DATE, there is no conversion. But
> if you scroll up a bit from where your link points, you see "When you
> pass a timestamp, interval, or numeric value to a built-in function
> that was designed only for the DATE datatype, Oracle implicitly
> converts the non-DATE value to a DATE value..."

Hmm, it would be nice if you could explain that in more detail, because to me it still apears like this:

  • The operator "-" is not "designed only for the DATE datatype", so the quotation should not apply in this case, right?
  • There should be no conversion necessary because, in this case, the function "-" is used on a DATE and an INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND argument, and the DATE that (according to the documentation) is supposed to result is compared to a DATE column.

Where do I go wrong?

> I'd agree that it
> pointing to sysdate as part of the problem is kind of strange, but
> code rules over docs, especially when coding.

Those are wise words.

Two things feed my doubt here:
- I have frequently encountered wrong warnings from the PL/SQL   compiler, for example about "unreachable code" that was happily reached   later.
- As has been remarked, there is no warning for "sysdate - 1/1440", yet   according to the documentation:
    "If one operand is a DATE value or a numeric value ...      ... Oracle implicitly converts the other operand to DATE data."   So there should be a warning in this case, no?

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