will a job do an implicit COMMIT?

From: <mh_at_pixar.com>
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2008 00:33:35 GMT
Message-ID: <zjcHk.499$8_3.463@flpi147.ffdc.sbc.com>

I have a job that calls a stored procedure, specified like this:

   job_type        => 'PLSQL_BLOCK',
   job_action      => 'begin qrunner_util.purge; end;',

Will the job system perform a COMMIT after it performs the action? Or should I add the commit to the action:

   job_action => 'begin qrunner_util.purge; commit; end;',

Many TIA!

Mark Harrison
Pixar Animation Studios
Received on Wed Oct 08 2008 - 19:33:35 CDT

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