Re: Accessing files copied by UTL_FILE.FCOPY

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 07:43:50 -0700
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Mark D Powell wrote:

> I have not used it but if you are on 10g+ look up the
> dbms_file_transfer package which while added to Oracle to support
> moving files into and out of ASM states it can copy from OS directory
> to OS directory.
> provides procedures to copy a binary file within a database or to
> transfer a binary file between databases

It works well but there is one caveat. Oracle dropped it from 11g so it is an orphan usable in only a single version of the database.

I have used UTL_FILE with many different file types and can not think of any issues I have encountered that remind me of the OP's description.

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