Re: Complex crosstab query

From: Timo <>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 15:09:26 -0700 (PDT)
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You ASS-ume that I have not already tried anything because I didnít post it. Typical of you ASS-umer types is the fact that if all information isnít provided up front then the poster deserves a flame comment regarding their lack of integrity and/or intelligence. It is ASS-umers like you that make most people not want to post on these forums because of the response we are most likely to get. Here is an ASS-umption for you: For you, Senior DBA should stand for Senor DumB Ass.

As for ďvolunteeringĒ the only thing you are willing to volunteer is your arrogant, egotistical vehemence. I didnít ask you to do anything you werenít willing to do, however; you appear to be more than willing to spout your arrogant ignorance to everyone on the web.

Maybe you were just having a bad day because someone stole your coloring book. I donít know what your issue is but I sure do know that I donít deserve your comments. What a D**K.

The problem I have with that query is figuring out how to get the group of data that exists between Booleans. If the guy that put the table together had thought that through then maybe he would have setup the table differently. I sure would have. How would you

select * from circulus where circulus_number < (select circulus_number from circulus where THE FIRST ANNULUS IS 1 and image_name = 'KV0313M030' ) and image_name = 'KV0313M030'

or something like that.

Here I can get the Circulus Number but how can I get it to give only one value so I can use it as an embedded query?

select image_name,circulus_number,first_value(annulus) over (order by CIRCULUS_NUMBER) FROM CIRCULUS where annulus=1 and image_name='KV0313M030'

Of course, that would just give me the first number. What about between the next two Booleans.

Uhg, I just donít know enough about the SQL to figure it out.

Maybe Senior Oracle DumB Ass can... Received on Fri Sep 26 2008 - 17:09:26 CDT

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