Re: Invalid character???

From: Tim Slattery <>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 13:35:25 -0400
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Tim Slattery <> wrote:

>Laurenz Albe <> wrote:
>>They have two samples:
>>// SQL-92 syntax
>>conn.prepareCall("{? = call func (?,?)}");
>>// PL/SQL anonymous block
>>conn.prepareCall("begin ? := func(?,?); end;");
>I've tried both, I get illegal character from the first and something
>about illegal type from the second. Neither works.

A tiny bit of progress. My statement now reads:

{ ? = call getReporterData(?) }

No colon, and the "call" is right before the function name. Now it blows up when I call the "getObject" method of CallableStatement, after the "execute" method has run.

            sprocStmt.registerOutParameter(1, OracleTypes.CURSOR); sprocStmt.setString(2, key);

            ResultSet result = (ResultSet)sprocStmt.getObject(1);

Localized message: [BEA][Oracle JDBC Driver]The requested output parameter data is not available.
SQL State: HY000
Error code: 0

Tim Slattery
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