Re: Using dbms_ldap

From: janu <>
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 00:37:42 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

hi jg,

thank you for your input. As recommended by you, i used dnms_ldap, but quickly i bumped into a problem, I am getting sizeexceeded limit. so i decided to use /usr/bin/ldapsearch to dump few fields to a text file. but now i'm clueless on how to import data from a text file to a table.

output(sample) looks like this

# Alex Fontana, Users,

dn: CN=Ali Fon,CN=Users,DC=nbc,DC=com
givenName: Ali
department: Infrastructure - 19622
employeeNumber: 034636
employeeID: 034636
manager: CN=Bob Plu,CN=Users,DC=nbc,DC=com

# Aravind Pavu, Users,

dn: CN=Aravind Pavu,CN=Users,DC=nbc,DC=com givenName: Aravind
department: R&D: Performance - 72200
employeeNumber: 035870
employeeID: 035870
manager: CN=Raji Kam,CN=Users,DC=nbc,DC=com

Now how do I insert each block as one row into a table. Please give me some hints.

thank you
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