Re: "Drop Public Synonym" hangs

From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2008 17:30:48 +0200
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<> schreef in bericht
>> > 3. Maybe I am cranky now (late afternoon) - but why did you bother
>> > responding with no info?
>> Possibly because you provided so little with which to work in your
>> original post and in this follow-up.
> Okay - sorry for being cranky.

Apologies granted.

> Anyway - the problem is this - we have
> circular links - a public synonym on both 8i and 10g pointing to each
> other through reverse database links. Now, I just got on this project
> and I did not set it up. However, a post on the internet from "Neil
> Jarvis" indicates that in this situation, once the synonym is used
> through the link, it will just hang every other DDL/DML statement
> related to the public synonym and not return with an error or
> anything. This is what we are seeing and he provides a solution which
> I am going to try.
> See link "Bugs, Quirks and Features" on the following link (it is a
> word document).

Interesting link, thanks.

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