Re: Oracle snapshots don't always do what I want

From: David Gempton <davidg_at_ttc4it_dot_co_dot_nz>
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 10:40:05 +1200
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DA Morgan wrote:
> David Gempton wrote:

>> I use Oracle snapshots a lot....
>> But often I find that they do not offer all the replication features 
>> I'm after.
>> So I have developed a software package that provides the sort of 
>> replication features most people really need.

> While developing the expertise to create a software package too
> bad you didn't stop long enough to learn how to be a courteous
> member of our community.
> Spamming is not allowed.
> Promoting your products, projects, and services is not allowed.
> Please read the charter and apologize.
> Thank you.
> PS: MV replications is Jurassic. No one wants a third-party
> replacement of a petrified technology when Oracle has already
> provided us with Streams and Data Guard.
Mr. Morgan,

I am truly sorry if I have offended yourself or any other members of this forum.

It was not my intention to be a nuisance or to waste the time of fellow Oracle database users.

I was simply hoping to share a solution to a problem that has caused me much frustration over the years.


Kind regards
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