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Not being familiar with the DATAllegro product it is hard to judge especially since the independent author is also an unknown. Best I can tell MS first has to actually integrate the software into SQL Server before any real advantage can be gained over Oracle in the Warehouse market. That is assuming that the integration is successful and that differences in how SQL Server works and the current Ingres engine work do not result in the loss or derogation of any of the features.

Still it does sound like a good move on MS's part. I am however not sure Oracle needs anyone else's product offering considering how robust their current offerings already are.

Only time will tell.
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I believe part of the marketing spin is that "Oracle doesn't scale to terabytes. To scale to terabytes you need the proper hardware configuration that only we can give you."

Of course, this is silly. Sure if you put Oracle on a very large, but slow disk drive with a crappy processor it will perform poorly in just about any range. (as would any vendor's product.) Yes, if you make it a physics problem then Oracle will be slow.
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