Re: How to Export Database into csv files

From: Malcolm Dew-Jones <>
Date: 9 Jun 2008 15:08:35 -0800
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BookerT ( wrote:
: I am just changing from one database to another (A CRM solution)

: And in our fact finding, we wanted to test the import function into
: the new CRM. The import tool can take as input files, sv files, and
: it will use the first row as the header information to create the
: equivalent columns in the destination table.

: So instead of copying and pasting by hand, I figured there was a way t
: oexport table information to include the column names.

: On Jun 9, 2:34 pm, BookerT <> wrote:
: > What is the best way to export any of the following:
: >
: > 1. Whole Schema, or
: > 2. All Tables with Row Header information, or
: > 3 Individual tables with Header row information
: >
: > I opened up access and exported all of my tables into csv files, but
: > it did not include the column name information.
: > I am trying to export the 1st row, so that I can import into another
: > type of database that would recognize the 1st row as the field name
: > row.
: >
: > Thanks

Are you really sure there is no way in access to "export" the data with the column names included? I haven't used access for quite some time, but I thought it had that sort of capability if you choose the right options.

I often plsqldeveloper. In that tool it is easy to query the table, select all the rows by clicking on the top-left cell, then right click to get all sorts of copy/save/export options. The CSV option saves the data including the column names.

I assume that most such tools have that sort of option if you look in the right place in the tool.

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