Re: How to Export Database into csv files

From: joel garry <>
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2008 14:21:39 -0700 (PDT)
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On Jun 9, 11:34 am, BookerT <> wrote:
> What is the best way to export any of the following:
> 1. Whole Schema, or
> 2. All Tables with Row Header information, or
> 3  Individual tables with Header row information
> I opened up access and exported all of my tables into csv files, but
> it did not include the column name information.
> I am trying to export the 1st row, so that I can import into another
> type of database that would recognize the 1st row as the field name
> row.
> Thanks

It depends.

What do you really need to accomplish?

One solution might be to look at the all_tab_columns view. Another way might be to hard code the column names into another csv file and concatenate them. You don't do the access equivalent of "select * from table" do you?

The best way for you might not be the best way for anyone else. Also, "export" in the Oracle world generally refers to specific tools that don't do what you want.

There are tools for making csv files, as well as techniques that avoid using access. There is probably some way to do what you want with VB or some other MS-thingie, so you can do it directly with access, but I wouldn't know about that. You might google for it, though. I wrote some program in an obscure tool that used COM to do magic nice things directly into ridiculously complicated spreadsheets, then the tool stopped officially supporting it. It was a real PITA, anyways, and I'm not looking forward to rewriting all that stuff when the tool actually stops supporting it.

Maybe or an access group might answer better.


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