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Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2008 13:58:45 -0700
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moongeegee wrote:
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>>>>> Could Oracle store Electroencephalography data ?
>>>> bits are bits
>>>> YES
>>> Thanks.
>>> Would you please give me some examples?
>> Provide US some examples of your data.
>> David Fitzjarrell

> I haven't started my project yet. I like to store electrode signal by
> using Oracle functions. As now I am doing a research to see it is
> feasible
> I could not provide you exact data that I am going to use. I guess,
> the data are similar to the Event Detection, please navigate to
> I Just guess only. I am not with the Biopac company, just provide you
> a graphic example. I got this sample graphic via. google search.
> Thanks

If the data is DICOM format then you might want to check out this demo: which I built using data from diagnostic imaging.

Alternatively you can store anything as either CLOB or BLOB.

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