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From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 11:50:48 -0700
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Geoff Muldoon wrote:
> Frank van Bortel says...

>> Geoff Muldoon wrote:
>>> We are particularly looking at Asynchronous Change Data Capture because it 
>>> "can be configured to have minimal performance impact on the source 
>>> database", so I presume you refer to overheads at the staging database and 
>>> overall server resource levels, rather than within the source databases.  
>>> Maybe overheads of the subscriber databases too?
>> No - source. Hopefully, things have improved with 10G; was
>> simply a disaster.

> Performance within the source? Thought that the only real additional
> overhead there would be the requirement to bump to supplemental rather
> than standard logging. Does the log mining process affect performance
> within the source database process?
> GM

Log Miner is very resource intensive. Don't be surprised if it eats a substantial percentage of your server's capabilities.

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