Re: Pro*C: Loss of Decimal Places INSERTing From "double" Host Var into NUMBER(16,6) Column

From: Fleetie <>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 09:35:31 +0100
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"Shakespeare" <> wrote
> Or it reserves one digit for the sign..
> Shakespeare

I don't think so, because a NUMBER(1) column can take negative values, i.e. values from -9 to +9.

Here are some more findings I've just made, in the C domain:


Additionally, In C domain, you start losing the 6th place right of the point
after the number to the left of the D.P. exceeds about 2^33=8589934592:

TVTime=(double)8589934590.123456; -> TVTime=8589934590.123456
TVTime=(double)8589934591.123456; -> TVTime=8589934591.123456
TVTime=(double)8589934592.123456; -> TVTime=8589934592.123455 <-- Loss 
starts now.
TVTime=(double)8589934593.123456; -> TVTime=8589934593.123455
TVTime=(double)8589934594.123456; -> TVTime=8589934594.123455

So with a C double, you can't represent a FULL 16 digits in decimal, i.e.
you can't represent 9999999999.123456 without losing precision at the right.

I guess that's why Pro*C plays safe and rounds to 15 places.


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