Re: allowing a user to kill his own connections

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Date: Wed, 07 May 2008 04:55:25 GMT
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Ana C. Dent <> wrote:
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> > I would like to allow developers to kill their own sessions, e.g.
> >
> > alter system kill session '$sid,$serial#'
> >
> > but only for sessions which are theirs.
> >
> > Is there a grant which can handle this? If not, what's the
> > best way to handle this?
> >
> You can write a procedure owned by SYS which can issue the ALTER SYSTEM;
> using owner's rights not invoker's rights.

And if I want to make sure that you can't kill someone else's session, that should be handled by comparing the current user with the user of the $sid, is that right?

In other words, there's not an automatic ownership/protection mechanism a la unix processes and kill.

Thanks All!

Mark Harrison
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