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From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 13:36:08 -0700
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F wrote:
> We use Oracle RAC 10g on Windows. Everyone seems to complain about the
> Windows aspect of it. I am just curious.. is it really a bad mix ?
> People complain only because my DBAs do not come from a Windows background.
> Let me know

Depends on the quality of the Windows admins. In most cases that means it is terrible to mediocre. One thing we have repeatedly seen is that failover on UNIX and Linux is generally sub-second with 2 seconds being the maximum wait time. The same generality leads me to assume a 20-25 second failover on Windows Advanced Server 2003. One is acceptable the other not.

But again I am not convinced it is a failing of Windows so much as the very poor quality of the certified admins.

The most mediocre UNIX/Linux admin can edit etc/hosts, configure kernel parameters, create symbolic links, and write shell scripts. Most Windows admins are useless outside the GUI.

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