Re: all SPAM all the time

From: Doug Miller <>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 17:22:43 GMT
Message-ID: <nd8Ij.8932$>

In article <>, DA Morgan <> wrote:
>Doug Miller wrote:
>> In article <>, DA Morgan
> <> wrote:
>>> Doug Miller wrote:
>>>> To spammers, newsgroups are a write-only medium. You're wasting your time
>>>> writing a response that will never be read by its intended target.
>>> You are incorrect. About 20% of the time they apologize and stop.
>> If it makes you feel better to believe that, then by all means go ahead and do
>> so.
>We know it to be fact. And were you to use google and search the
>archives you would find the evidence. Many apologies and not one
>person that apologized has spammed us again.

Facts are stubborn things:

  1. a Google Groups search on* shows twenty-six instances in the past year in which you have requested an apology from a spammer;
  2. in only three of these cases did you receive any reply at all from the spammer; and
  3. one of those replies was not an apology.

Two out of twenty-six doesn't seem especially close to "about 20% of the time" to me. Received on Mon Mar 31 2008 - 12:22:43 CDT

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