Directory for CIFS folders on Windows

From: Thomas Sommerfeld <>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 12:31:18 +0100
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I'm running an Oracle and Oracle XE on Windows maschines. Now   I need to create several directory entries for folders on a network drive and afterwards to reference the files in a BFILE column. It's quite possible to create the directory, e.g. CREATE DIRECTORY LWZ as 'Z:\';
CREATE DIRECTORY LWZ as '\\ServerName\ShareName';

And if I try to access files in this directory through the UTL_FILE package I'm also successful.
But when I insert a record in my table and reference the file through BFILENAME('LWZ', 'MyFile.txt') the insert returns no error, but I'm not able to select the file through my table. (While an access to a file on the local hard disk is successful).

Is there any possibility to create directories for network drives under Windows?

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