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From: Mr. X. <>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 23:31:07 +0200
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I have created a view, that most of its column are functions.

I know what exactly are the tables inside that function, but when I put all together, there is a problem :

I don't know how to put hints on the query, so I shall use a specific index.

i.e :

the view is :

t.column_1, t.column_2, my_package.my_func(t.column_1, '1'), my_package.my_func(t.column_1, '2') ...
from my_table t

each column : my_package.my_func is calling my_table2 t2 (i.e :
  package body my_package ...
    function my_func(my_column in varchar2, const_val in varchar2) return varchar2 is

    cursor c is

      select my_value from my_table2 t2
      where name = my_column || ' - ' || const_val; -- name is indexed by 
   res varchar2(100);
      res:= null;
      open c;
      fetch c into res;
      close c;
      return res;

If I could do hints on the main query :
/*+ index (t2 IX_NAME) */
... it would be great.

what is now, that there is always a full table scan, and materialized view is unconsiderable.

Can I do something like that ?
Is there any other solution for that ?

Thanks :) Received on Wed Feb 06 2008 - 15:31:07 CST

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