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From: Frank van Bortel <>
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2008 20:49:29 +0100
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Volker Hetzer wrote:
> Hi!
> After having seen a lot of three tier applications managing security
> outside the database we'd like, when designing our own app, use the
> database for this.
> So, every user is a database user, belongs to a department and can read
> and insert documents.
> What we've got then is a small number of CAD locations, another small
> number
> of manufacturing locations and a lot of projects. Each project is designed
> at one CAD location and manufactured at one manufacturing location.
> What we've thought about is to have a master table containing the CAD
> and manufacturing location for each project. Then, all document and
> other tables reference that table.
> When someone from CAD inserts or updates project data, the corresponding
> manufacturer should be able to see it. But we don't want CAD to think
> about the manufacturer for each document. In theory, the fact that
> document X references project Y should be enough for security.
> In our opinion that would lead to
> - one compartment per project
> - each manufacturing location having a lot of compartments in their
> permissions (do several hundred compartments have a performance penalty?)
> - moving manufacturing of a project from one location to another would
> be easy
> On the other hand we could have the manufacturing location in the group
> part of the label and set it via a labeling function. In that case,
> every insert would fetch the manufacturing location from the project
> master table and create the appropriate label. However, I see no way to
> change all labels
> if the manufacturing location gets changed in the project master table.
> I would like to avoid doing this with a trigger.
> Is there any other way? Maybe with a predicate? But as far as I can see
> it would have to use a correlated subquery and it would have to know the
> alias of the outer table.
> Any other ideas?
> Lots of Greetings!
> Volker

VPD pops to mind; like
select true
where exists (select vendor from projects) or whatever your exact constellation is.


Frank van Bortel

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