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From: Doug Miller <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 13:05:45 GMT
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In article <>, Charles Hooper <> wrote:

>Just a minor correction to my previous post... additional thoughts
>shortly after submitting the previous post. These two logic checks
>are not necessarily equivalent when dealing with data stored in a
>database, but are equivalent when dealing only with Boolean logic:
>IF (AGE <> 65) OR (AGE = 65 AND RETIRED = "Y") THEN
>IF (AGE <> 65) OR (RETIRED = "Y") THEN
>The first expression does not permit NULL values for the AGE, while
>the second does.

I disagree: if AGE is NULL, then the first clause (AGE <> 65) is true, and in either form, the second clause won't even be evaluated (due to the conjunction).

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