Re: How do I install 10g and import .DMP file

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2008 22:12:49 -0800
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mike wrote:
> ok, I am a contractor trying to install 10g on a server. I have NO experience with this. I have 18 discs and no idea what
> to install or which one first. were trying to have it spit out the infor on asp pages. any quidance would be helpful.
> thank so much in advance.
> you can reply to me with oracle 10g in subject to mbiling at
> once again thank you...

I'm with Ana C.

I don't know what you have on those disks but it definitely is not the Oracle database. On 18 disks you could potentially have the entire E-Business Suite or someone's private music collection.

Hire a consultant. Give then 75-80% of your hourly rate. And hopefully you will have made a wise investment in your future.

Right now the light you see is an oncoming train.

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