Re: Experiences with database extensibility

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2008 06:19:42 -0800
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Eric Davies wrote:
> The existing server extensibilities in modern DBMSs have been critical
> in our company's development of software products that improve
> database performance for certain scientific computing applications.
> We are planning to develop other products that will utilize an
> extensible database engine, and so we would be grateful for feedback
> on the following questions as they pertain to your experience in
> developing Oracle applications:
> 1. What types of extensibility (i.e., data types, functions/
> methods, indexing, etc.) are available and convenient to use in
> practice?

Those that optimize performance and scalability for the specific application. Not those that are generic across all major commercial products. Generic = mediocre in almost all cases.

> 2. What types of extensibility (possibly already available in
> other DBMSs) are currently missing in Oracle?

Can't think of one. On the other hand had you asked the question in the reverse you might get back a small novel.

> 3. To what extent was your choice of Oracle as a development
> platform based primarily on its extensibility features?

1%. There are many good reasons to choose a specific RDBMS. Those of use who work in countries that have laws start off by looking for products that allow for compliance.

For example lets say you run a medical facility and store patient data. In the US HIPAA requires that you audit SELECT statements. The most extensible product on the planet, that does not contain a native ability to perform those audits is worth precisely zero if you ever find yourself the defendant in a lawsuit.

I the future, when asking questions, consider defining your terms. Not everyone here knows what you intend by your use of the word "extensible."

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