Re: problem connecting to db.

From: Mr. X. <>
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 12:52:46 +0200
Message-ID: <flqbsg$r08$>

I don't know if this is relevant, but :
A specific program's memory-use is getting larger and larger every day, (I don't have the program's code) . So every day at night, I do :
rerun the service with above problem, and kill its oracle-session
(There is no other choice, since the process is black-box,
and I have to kill its session, because there will be more sever problems if not).

The code :
alter system kill session ...
(That's the only thing I do for killing that session, in VB 6.0)

Do you know a better way of killing the session ?
(By the ctime is saw on v$lock, there are about 20 rows,
and some of them are 20 days long, and may be irrelevant ... also one of the rows seems to be at the exact time since killing the last session yesterday -
I think that ctime count the time in seconds from time the process was running).

I can do some code for tracing (once for 5 minutes) the v$lock, but what do you advice me to do first ?

I didn't see any rows in v$lock that occurs at the same time I cannot connect to the database
(the first problem I've described).

Does v$lock is related to the first problem I have described (failed to connect to db) ?

Any clue ?

Thanks :) Received on Sun Jan 06 2008 - 04:52:46 CST

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