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MI5 Want Me to. Send You these Faxes

MI5 seem to Want to Spin this Business out for as Long. as Possible

The MI5. persecution has now been going on, starting from June 1990, for well over nine years. If I knew how to. put an end to it then I would do so. Of course. MI5 have indicated how they wish to finish the matter, by finishing me off; they indicated this very clearly years ago when. they were shouting. "suicide" at me.

But a deeper truth is that the. MI5 agents carrying out the persecution rely on it for their income and their. livelihood. They have absolutely no interest in anything other than spinning out. the whole business, because that is how they will maximise their earnings from their. employer for the "work" they do. against me.

A vital. part of the fantasy structure MI5 have created about me is that I am somehow. a worthwhile target. If you bother to read these faxes, if you browse my website, or perhaps read my posts on the. uk.misc newsgroup, you will have by. now twigged that I am a totally insignificant person who in a proper dictatorship like East Germany would not merit five minutes. of Stasi time. But Britain is. improper in the methods of its corruption, and the Security Service. seeks to present me as being a an evil fascist, an evil communist, an evil something-else, and even. a "national institution".

It occurs to me that to. some extent I am playing into their hands, into their scheme of things, by writing these articles and. sending these faxes. By doing these things, I. elevate my profile, and fuel MI5s paranoid obsession with me.. But to stop sending faxes would be to give up the only hope. I have of seeing their campaign "outed" and justice done. Certainly there is no point going to the police again; and as remarked in. a previous article,. the Security Service Tribunal routinely whitewashes every complaint that is placed before. it.

So although MI5 seems to want me to continue sending these faxes,. doing this is the only real. chance of getting this business out into the open. And so Ill continue trying to kick down. their house of cards. At least my situation is. less serious than that of some other victims of the secret services; unlike Shayler I am not broke and exiled; unlike Fayed. I have not lost a son to the. posited activities of the secret services. All I have. lost is some of my health, some of my life, and some of my possible career.

MI5s Abuse of me is without Cause. or Reason

It constantly puzzles me that MI5. refuse to leave me alone, wherever I go and whatever I do, or rather, whatever I dont. do, since Im not a very socially or. otherwise active person. When I am in England, they chase me all over the place, and once theyve found me, they. pay people to shout rude words at me. When I am in Europe, they again. chase me all over the place, and as usual pay people to shout obscenities at me. When I. am in Canada. or visiting the States, they faithfully chase me all over the place, and when. they find me, pay people to shout obscenities at me.

It is hard to avoid. the conclusion that these MI5 operatives who chase me are total lunatics. You will remember from. a previous articles the assessment "MI5 Agents are Clinical Psychopaths".. They have tried to blame me for what they do and what they say; yet. their lies have been wafer-thin, and are clearly seen to be oiled. by the money which they acquire. from the Government, and ultimately from the taxpayer.

They have tried various lies to put the blame on me;. "we have to abuse him because hes a nutter", as if there werent many tens. of thousands of other people with schizophrenia in the United Kingdom. Their choice of. abuse words is telling; subconsciously perhaps they realise that. it is they who are the "nutters", and they try. to project their own illness onto their target.

MI5 Operatives have Nothing Else to Do With. Their Time

Ive seen the same. "Alan Holdsworth" person three or four times over a period of several years. I saw him at the Civic Hospital in Ottawa. in the Emergency Ward, where he falsely declared his name to be. "Tad"; at Ottawa airport in summer 1998; and on board another flight. in 1995.

So what we see from the above paragraph. is, the same people are delegated to watch me for many years. Without me, they. wouldnt have a job. They literally have nothing. else to do with their time, except indulge their voyeurism against me. With this observation, we come to the core. of MI5s campaign against. me; these people are not fit for any job other than the exercise of voyeurism against me, and if sanity were to land. on MI5 then they would be out of a job. If. sanity were truly to land then these people and. their employers would be prosecuted for offences under the Protection from Harassment legislation, which they are. clearly breaking.

It is one. of the ironies of their campaign that MI5 have been trying to make me an object of ridicule for completely trivial things. I have done, while MI5 themselves have simply not mentioned how. ridiculous is their own behaviour and that of. broadcast media journalists, in spying on me while they read the news for example. If the whole truth of this business. is ever exposed, and despite all my efforts it still. seems there is a block on its. exposure in Britain, then the rights and wrongs will be clear to all, and no amount of MI5 lies will be able to change that. MI5. presumably do realise just. how damaging such a revelation would be both to themselves, and. to broadcast media such as the BBC and ITN, because there has not been even the slightest chink in the. armour, despite four and a half years of my complaints. on internet newsgroups and by fax to politicians and. the media.

MI5s Final Kick in the Teeth to. the British State

For someone like. myself born in the late sixties it seems peculiar to think that. Great Britain once used to have a say in the destiny of foreign peoples in far-off sections of. the globe. Modern Britons tacitly accept the lowering of their country to a third-rate power reliant. on the United States. for what little say it has in the world. A third-rate power, now "reverse-colonised" by. third world peoples it once ruled and riven with internal problems so severe the government hardly dares acknowledge. them.

To this third-rate power. the MI5 secret police are delivering the final kick in the. teeth through a campaign of persecution which is guaranteed to hold the state up. to ridicule throughout the world when it is finally exposed. As a "thought experiment". suppose the French or the Spanish security service had done to one of. their own born citizens what MI5 has done. in this country. Suppose say the Spanish had planted hidden cameras in his home, for the perverted pleasure of. their state television newscasters,. just as hidden cameras have been placed in my home for the perverted pleasure of Martyn Lewis, Nicholas Witchell et. al. Suppose the Spanish service had. for nine years been trying to force suicide on their target; at. times, so blatantly that they shouted the word "suicide".

Now. suppose they were caught.

Of course, as long as MI5. arent caught, theyre laughing. The psychopathic security service. agents gets their kicks from shouting abuse at me; the newscasters, Lewis, Witchell etc get their. jollies, "it was so funny", we were. watching this bloke and he couldnt do anything about it.

But once theyre caught, the sky falls in.. Of course, the "patriotic" MI5-funded media in Britain will try to put the best. spin on the MI5/media activities; it was the targets fault, of course. But most. of the world bears no allegiance to Britain. If this. business is ever exposed then a weakened Britain will become. the laughing-stock of the world. And I promise you, the security services persecution of me will be exposed.. MI5 has delivered a final kick in the teeth to the British state,. and I will do everything I can. to ensure the world hears about what they have done.

Metropolitan Police. Refuse to Investigate the MI5 persecution

I have on a couple of occasions tried to motivate the. police to investigate MI5s actions against. me. On each occasion they have refused to do so. In 1995 I went to my local police station and spoke to an. officer there; he refused to accept my. complaint, and seemed interested only in seeing me leave. the station as quickly as possible.

Earlier this year I had some. communications with Det.Sgt.Richards of Charing Cross police. Again I. asked him to deal with MI5s actions against me. Unfortunately DS Richards conformed to. the negative stereotype of the bigoted, ignorant "copper"; he said, "I have read your various bits. on the

internet. I'm afraid there. is no substance or credence to it. It's an
absolute. load of rubbish. I don't investigate rubbish. I can't be more
blunt or. to the point than that."

You have to. wonder at the state of law enforcement in Britain. If the victim of a murder is black, as. happened in the Lawrence case, the police deliberately botch the investigation. If the victim of a crime. is mentally ill,. and the perpetrators are the secret services, as in my case, then the police refuse to even begin to investigate. the crimes committed. Politically. Britain is a third-rate country, but from the point of. view of obtaining justice, Britain ranks down there with third-world countries. You almost feel that MI5 and their media buddies. would not even have any shame if their activities against me were exposed; after. all, why should they? they have. the money, they have the control, OK so perhaps theyve broken. a few dozen laws, but doesnt the fact that the police are too corrupt to investigate these crimes,. doesnt that prove that in fact no crimes have. been committed?

I should say again what I have said. earlier in this article. My losses over the last nine years have not. been as great as those of other victims of British Secret Police malefaction. Fayed. lost his son to their murderous activities; in. my occasional communications with former MI5/MI6 employees I have been informed that a "permanent solution". is not uncommon for opponents of the British secret police. I. have lost health and financially, but. am obviously well enough to keep fighting my case. Others have lost much more than I. If. the joke which is British "law enforcement" refuses to enforce. laws against the security services then that is something that is recognised in other countries and Britains. stock correspondingly falls. Not that it has very far to fall;. the days when England had. any say in the world are long gone.

MI5. Want These Faxes to Continue

Before. the holiday, I said that if MI5s harassment of me stopped, then I would. cease my complaints. They have known very well that if they continued to harass. me then I would resume the fax campaign in the autumn. Yet they have not stopped persecuting me.. Recently a woman outside my domicile screamed her head. off with abuse in the direction of my window; and. on Saturday 2 October, when I was shopping at a nearby supermarket, a man shouted the particularly vile sexual swear word which. I have heard many. times before over the last few years.

MI5s attitude shows complete arrogance. Yet it. also shows that they want the faxes to continue and deliberately try to. provoke me into sending further faxes. The reasons for this are given in the first. paragraphs of this article; the MI5 operatives who persecute me have nothing else to. do with. their time; to make their campaign, against an apparently unreacting target, have some value, they have to force me to react in some. way against their actions; and. by reacting in this way, by bringing their campaign to the attention of British politicians,. I play into their hands, by giving their campaign the attention. and importance which they feel it deserves.

In the. short term, by sending these faxes, perhaps I am doing something they want me to do, but in. the longer term it is undoubtedly more in my interest than. theirs for their activities to be exposed. If their operatives truly do wish. to see these faxes continued then they are committing a serious mistake, because it significantly increases the. risk if M.P.s (some. of whom already know about MI5s activities against me) are advised of my side. of the story.

I will continue to monitor and record the secret. services activities against me over the next few weeks. If. they diminish and cease, as I hope they will, then I may be able. to call a halt to these faxes; but that it something which is. entirely up to them; recently their continued harassment makes clear that. they do wish the faxes to continue, and in all sincerity I do think they will continue their activities and. make it impossible for me to cease these faxes. It may trouble you. to receive these articles, but it troubles me much more. to be on the receiving end of a national persecution campaign; and. while Britain does not have free speech provisions as does Canada in the. Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the US in the first amendment to the. constitution, in practice I do not think. anyone is going to try to have me locked up for speaking the truth. I. still cherish the hope that the veracity I express will be shown for what it is, and that the truth will prevail and. make me free.

Removing the Mask. of Anonymity from the MI5 Operatives

Undoubtedly one factor encouraging the MI5. agents actions against me has been the fact that they can shelter behind a. mask of anonymity while they carry out their abuse. This is both a sign of. their realisation that their actions are criminal; for crimes are harder. to pin down and make a coherent. complaint about when their perpetrators are unknown; and it is a sign of their. cowardice, since they lack the backbone to say things to my face. themselves; instead they almost always rely on third parties to carry out the actual. acts of abuse.

On a few occasions I have seen the perpetrators, but on each. occasion they have managed to. preserve their anonymity. They travelled on the same British Airways flight as me in 1994; but BA have ever since refused. to give up. the passenger list for the flight, and the police and lawyers have proved useless in obtaining. their identities from the list. Also one of them. followed me into A&E department of Ottawas Civic Hospital a couple of years ago, and gave his name as (if I heard. correctly) "Alan Holdsworth"; but the. doctor refused to give out his identity when I later tried to speak to. him.

If only we knew the identities of the individual. operatives, then it would be possible to find. out the identity of their employing organisation. But I think we know. the latter already, since I have been accusing them on internet newsgroups for four and a half years now, and they have. never denied my guess. Indeed, when I was travelling in. January 1996 back to Ottawa, two youths on the (British Airways again, unfortunately). flight made a lot. of noise at me, one of them saying to the other that I "didnt know who we are". That is a wafer-thin. denial; I had been saying for a year that they. were MI5, so a stronger denial would be necessary if my guess were. truly mistaken. I think the lukewarm denial was worse than no denial at all, since it confirmed my. guess that the employing agency was indeed. MI5.


It has been suggested to me that. by sending these faxes I could be making trouble for myself; but I dont think so. My psychiatrist. knows what I am doing; indeed I. have given him a couple of these articles for him to cast an eye. over.

I dont want to have. to send faxes for the next year, or the year after that. But that is entirely up to. MI5. If they continue to persecute me then I am. forced into defending myself. The ball is in their court, and it is entirely up to. them what they do. If as I suspect it is their intention that these faxes. continue, if that is what they insist will happen then so be. it.


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