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MI5-Persecution: Browse the Website (14757)

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Date: 16 Dec 2007 14:08:30 GMT
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MI5 Persecution Update: Friday 25 March, 1999

If You Intend To Reply, Please Read This Please.... keep your response to one page if you can!. Faxes over a page or two will be deleted without being read.

The Usual Words

The persecutors-who-wont-admit-theyre-MI5 have been active again this week. On Saturday 20/3/99 I visited Ravenscourt Park in west London, and was verbally assaulted with the usual words, "something wrong with him". This audio file is on the web at URL;

This afternoon (Friday 26/March) I was again verbally assaulted while travelling by bus. The same sexual obscenity was thrown at me, and the incident was recorded on my minidisc-walkman. Because of the deeply offensive nature of the slander, I will not be posting this on the website.

Keith Hill MP (Labour - Streatham), my elected representative, as ever refuses to help.

MI5 Persecution : Browse Website

The March 1998 issue (number 42) of .net Magazine reviews the website describing it as an "excellent site". Since August 11, 1996 over 50,000 people have browsed this website.

You are encouraged to read the web pages which include

a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section outlining the nature of the persecutors, their methods of harassment through the media, people at work and among the general public

an evidence section, which carries audio and video clips of media and workplace harassment, rated according to how directly I think they refer to me

objective descriptions of the state security agencies involved

scanned texts of the complaints I have made to media and state security agencies involved

posts which have been made to netnews over the last four years on this topic

This article outlines what is to be found on the webpages, which you are encouraged to browse for the complete story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your excursion through the website starts with the "FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions" portion. MI5s campaign of harassment against me has been going on for almost 9 years, and its longevity and breadth is reflected in the FAQ. Many thousands of people in Britain and abroad, including some recipients of this fax, have known for many years of MI5s activities against me. The FAQ describes the mass "Omerta suppressing its publication"; we pretend Britain is part of the "Free World", yet the British Secret Police, which is what MI5 are, carry on for many years a campaign which politicians and the media know about, and rely on the silent complicity of so many thousands of people.

The FAQs introductory article names those who are "in the know"; media figures like Martyn Lewis, Michael Buerk, entertainment figures like Chris Tarrant, politicians and many in the general public, "all united in a conspiracy which breaks the laws which the UK does have regarding harassment, and all completely uncaring for any semblance of decency or elementary respect for individual rights.

Broadcast media play a key role in the harassment. The very first incident in June 1990 was when a television newsreader reacted to what she saw happen in my living room at home; such incidents of "interactive television" are still happening in 1999. The same goes for radio stations such as Capital FM. In spring 1994, Chris Tarrant on his Capital morning show made an aside to someone else in the studio, about a person he didn't identify. He said, "You know this bloke? He says we're trying to kill him. We should be done for attempted manslaughter". Tarrant and Capital have made strenuous efforts to avoid answering this charge.

Perhaps worst of all, MI5 have deliberately set-up many incidents in public places such as tube stations, shops, cinemas, where they have paid people to throw abuse at me. Since MI5 obtains funds to the tune of 160 million a year to fund its criminal activities, it has funds both to pay its operatives and to "buy" media figures and members of the public to take part in its campaign of persecution.

The Security Service are professional liars. They throw slanderous abuse, yet they refuse to admit out loud that they are doing so. When challenged about their activities through the Security Service Tribunal they lie and deny their activities. They induce other workers and managers at places of employment to take part in their campaign of abuse, presumably by buying them in the same way they buy media figures.

Complaints, and Press Coverage (BBC Lies, MI5 Lies)

As you might expect I have challenged both the Security Service, through the Security Service Tribunal, and offending broadcasters, to own up to what they have been doing. And as you might also expect, all of these people have lied through their teeth. Still worse, they have refused to commit unambiguous lies on paper; they have couched their lies in bureaucratic language, and allowed others to make false assurances and tell lies on their behalf. So when their lies are exposed, they will then tell further Clintonesque lies about how they werent really telling lies in the first place!

On 6/Feb/1997 the BBC told me they would "never engage in any form of surveillance activity such as you describe". The BBC told me Buerk and Lewis had refused to put their lies in writing, but had stated verbal falsehoods denying my accusations of "interactive watching" during news broadcasts. Clearly Buerk and Lewis fear being caught and exposed, so they hide behind their Viewer Correspondence department.

In March 1997 I issued a summons against the BBC to try to "smoke them out". This summons was struck out as "disclosing no reasonable cause of action", because I had acted as a Litigant-in-Person and most LiP summons are treated thus. My case was arguable in law, so the striking out was unjust.

In June 1997 the Security Service Tribunal wrote to me regarding the complaint I had brought against MI5 in February. They say, "The Security Service Tribunal have now investigated your complaint and have asked me to inform you that no determination in your favour has been made on your complaint." I think you can guess the contempt which I feel for the Security Service Tribunal, who have never made a determination against MI5, and act as merely a whitewashing body for the Security Service. Unsurprisingly in May 1997 the Interception of Communications Tribunal gave the same result.

The last few items of "Press Coverage" give details of mentions of the MI5 Persecution in various magazines and newspapers such as BBCs Ariel, the Observer and .net magazine.


Some audio and video clips of evidence have been recorded. My weakness in this area is because most of the really unambiguous evidence would have been obtainable in 1990-92, but I wasnt taping anything at the time, and its very difficult to now obtain recordings from that period.

The audio clip "Life is so Hard" relates to harassment at my workplace in Canada. In the latter half of 1996, I was sitting near to co-worker Mark Lee, who kept coming out with words and phrases which showed MI5 were supplying him with data from my home life. For example, I would say something on the telephone at home, and the following day he would repeat verbatim what I had said. When Mark Lee saw I was recording what he was saying, he started to make his remarks more ambiguous, or make the obvious ones out of earshot of the recorder.

However, during the evening of 12 November 1996, at home in my apartment (flat to you UK-ers), I said "life is so hard, and then you die". A nihilistic, negative thing to say, but quite distinctive. The following day, 13 November, Mark said loudly, "life is so hard eh, and then you die" followed by loud laughter. I captured this on my tape-walkman and the computer-audio file is posted on the website.

There are a number of other audio files in the websites "Evidence" area demonstrating the abuse to which MI5 subject me to through their paid agents.

Also in this section is a very interesting article by journalist Bernard Levin, which followed a meeting I had with a friend in 1991, and to my mind describes in some details Levins "artists impression" of the meeting. He talks about a "madman" who "bursts into tears, and swears it is all true. And it is."

Internet Newsgroup (Usenet) archive

From May 1995 until the present day, this matter has been discussed exhaustively on internet newsgroups. The most interesting articles from the first two years of posts are documented here. This area is worth reading since most of the questions which the reader would ask, have been asked at some time or another by someone on usenet. Perhaps the very first article posted sums it all up so succinctly;

Date: Thu May 4 18:27:24 1995
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
Subject: BBC's Hidden Shame

Remember the two-way televisions in George Orwell's 1984? The ones which watched you back? Which you could never get rid of, only the sound could be turned down?
Well the country which brought Orwell into the world has made his nightmare follow into the world after him. Since 1990 the British have been waging war against one of their own citizens using surveillance to invade privacy and a campaign of abuse in the transmitted media in their efforts to humiliate their victim.
And the most remarkable thing about it is that what they do is not even illegal - the UK has no laws to protect the privacy of its citizens, nor does it proscribe harassment or abuse except in the case of racial abuse. A lot of people in England know this to be going on, yet so far they have maintained perfect "omerta"; not a sound, not a squeak has escaped into the English press, and for all the covert harassment absolutely nothing has come out into the public domain.
Have the British gone mad? I think we should be told.

So how much deeper will the persecutors-who-wont-admit-theyre-MI5 sink in their campaign of lies and intimidation? Each time I thought they could sink no lower, they have managed to surprise me. You thought it could never happen here? When the MI5 British Secret Police make their smears against me, it is the corruption of the Establishment, which they are part of, that is demonstrated.


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