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MI5 Persecution: How to Identify the Persecutors (2007)

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Date: 1 Dec 2007 11:28:34 GMT
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MI5 Persecution Update: Friday 19 March, 1999

If You Intend To Reply, Please Read This

Please.... keep your response to one page if you can! I have had several people faxing my article back to me, including one MP faxing back twenty pages. Faxes over a page or two will be deleted without being read.

Theyve started again. Why? I have no idea.

Unhappily, the persecutors, whoever they might be, have started their activities again over the last two weeks. Usually they try to blame their activities on their victim, but this time they have stopped even pretending that the persecution is my fault. Their verbal abuse appears as gratuitous as it is vicious.

Last Sunday 14 March, I went for a meal in Londons Chinatown with some friends. As we were walking down Gerrard St, a man shouted loudly, twice, the obscenity which has been directed at me for some three years now. This followed previous incidents where the same words had been used. It is very upsetting to be verbally abused in this way and to know that the cowardly abusers are guaranteed to "get away with it" because if you report it then it will be assumed to be part of your illness.

Keith Hill MP (Labour - Streatham), my elected representative, as ever refuses to help.

MI5 Persecution : How to Identify the Persecutors

Usually delusional thinking does not allow the perpetrators to be identified, or the alleged persecution to be proved. My so-called
"delusions" are different, because I have several times over a period of
some nine years seen the same people, in widely varying places. Most importantly, their names have been recorded, on aircraft passenger lists and hospital register; and if only the police would do their job conscientiously then the persecutors could be identified and this unhappy story brought to a final conclusion.

BA93 Heathrow->Toronto, 10 June 1993

In 1993 I flew to Toronto for a holiday. On disembarking from the aircraft, a group of four men who travelled together looked in my direction, and one of them said, laughing, "If he tries to run away well find him".

I was absolutely stunned when I heard this. I wasnt surprised that they had followed me to Canada, but it shocked me that they had been on the same flight, and that one of them had foolishly given their group away. Unfortunately I was so stunned that I made no attempt to stop them as they got off the flight and proceeded into the terminal. I did not see these people again during my visit to Toronto. I do not know whether they followed me, or whether they were only part of a larger group, some of whom may have already been on the ground and awaiting my arrival.

Over the next few years I made a number of attempts, all unsuccessful, to obtain the passenger list for this flight. British Airways keeps passenger flight coupons for each flight; so if only the police would do the job that is being asked if them, then these four persecutors could be identified, and thus their employing organisation, which is very likely to be the Security Service, determined.

These four men were, apart from the joker who looked the odd man out in the pack, very serious individuals. They appeared to be in their forties or fifties, and my impression on seeing them was that they might have been former soldiers. Their campaign against me concentrates on how
"funny" their abuse is; but in this they are plainly lying, because they
realise how awful will be the damage to the establishment of which they form part, if the truth about the persecution ever sees the light of day.

The riddle of "Alan Holdsworth"

During Oct/Nov 1996 I saw a doctor several times about an infection, and on 2 Nov 1996 I went to Emergency at the Ottawa Civic Hospital and saw Dr Worthington, who was then Chief of Emergency Medicine. I had to wait several hours before being seen, and several people jumped ahead of me in the queue. One of these was a grey-haired man in his forties or fifties. This may have been one of the men on the BA flight in 1993; I cannot be sure. When Dr Worthington asked his name, he loudly said, "Tad", which is the common abbreviation of my name. Dr Worthington looked puzzled, glanced at the sheet in front of him, and said, "but your name is Alan Holdsworth isnt it?". (I am pretty sure his Christian name was Alan; I cannot be sure of the surname). The man looked put out, and said quietly, "yes".

Unfortunately, I did not follow up this incident immediately. Some time later, I wrote to Dr Worthington to ask the name of this patient, but he refused to give the name out.

I saw this person again two and a half years later, at Ottawa Airport, just as I was about to leave for England. In the warm weather, he was wearing a coat and woolly cap, and pacing up and down in a menacing and aggressive manner. Presumably he thought he was pretending to be a
"nutter" and in this way was getting at me; my impression is that he
doesnt need to pretend, Holdsworth or whatever his name is is clearly a psychopath and in a healthy society such a person would be locked up, instead of being paid public money to exercise his psychopathic instincts. But todays Britain, a country where the MI5 secret police are given free rein and nobody dares raise a voice in protest, is not a healthy society.

"He doesnt know who we are"

For some reason, whenever I take a British Airways flight, I get hassled by the "persecutors who wont admit theyre MI5". Since this business started, I have travelled BA three times; once in June 1993 BA93 (see above), once to/from Europe during Dec 95/Jan 96, and once in June 1998 with my mother to visit her family. The last journey, I was abused by two
"plants" who kept repeating, loudly, "paranoid" (I have this recorded on
minidisc). Presumably British Airways gives MI5 the seating plans for their flights, which allows MI5 to position their agents of abuse three rows behind me, so I cant face them, and they are throwing abuse at the back of my head. I have travelled BA as infrequently as possible; to Canada, I usually travel Air Canada.

Anyway, lets return to the second of the three BA trips, and in particular to the flight on 2 January 1996 from Berlin Tegel, to Heathrow, and onwards to Montreal Mirabel. Id waited all night at Tegel for the flight, and was very tired on reaching Heathrow. On the plane to Montreal, two youths sat about three/four rows behind me and to the right, in the window seats. One of them, a rather fat "asshole" to use the Americanism (it fits), kept on going on about "this bloke", saying among many other things, "he doesnt know who we are".

Now that form of words is particularly interesting, because from May 1995, some 8 months previously, I had been vigorously denouncing the "MI5 Persecution" on Usenet. So if Id guessed wrong, then you might expect the harassers to crow about it; which they have not done. If I had guessed right, and the persecutors have been silent before and since this flight, then they could either admit they were MI5, which would be a very serious thing for them to own up to, or they could brazenly lie, in which case I would report their lie, and since many people must surely know who they are, they would lose all credibility. So they have remained silent; apart from this one phrase on the BA flight, where one of their agents said, "he doesnt know who we are". Note carefully that this phrase is NOT a denial, it only appears to be a denial; since it does not say that my guess was wrong; it only states the objective fact that I do not know the identity of the persecutors, without giving any information as to the validity of my guess. Which leads me to posit that my guess was correct.

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