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MI5 Persecution: Introduction to Sent Faxes (1653)

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Date: 18 Nov 2007 13:02:15 GMT
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Introduction to the Sent Faxes webpages

Between 1998 and April/2000 I sent some thirty articles on the subject of the MI5 Persecution to British politicians, media, legal and diplomatic entities in the UK. Of those articles 24 are reproduced on this part of the website. They were originally composed as Microsoft Word documents, and saved to HTML form for publication here. A few of them were slightly edited in format for readability.

You will see that these articles cover quite comprehensively what has been going on since 1990, there being quite a lot of material to cover, since it is a rare week that goes by without MI5 making some harassing or threatening action against me. "How could it be True?"... they use the mental illness which they induced in me as a ready explanation for my complaints. Who started it, why did it start, why it continues... these faxed articles provide examination in more depth of the treatment in the Frequently Asked Questions webpages. The sheer meaninglessness of the Secret Police actions is highlighted; their operatives make their livelihoods by cynically exploiting the taxpayers, when in a more responsible country they would be looking at the inside of prison cells.

The validity of this observation is proven by their reaction to my several suggestions in the articles that I would cease sending faxes if MI5's agents (and it's always the same people doing the persecution) desisted from continually harassing me. A number of times, you will see in the faxed articles, I have suggested that we come to a "peace of mind agreement" where I cease complaining and they cease harassing. On one occasion, I wrote to Hugh S.-W., the director of OCTS where I was employed in 1992-94 and who is aware of the circumstances, asking that he intercede to bring this matter to a close, by initiating a meeting between myself and the persecutors to mutually settle our differences; he didn't reply, but MI5 did soon after - they said "This is what you wanted, wasn't it?, some sort of confrontation?". The reality is the people stalking me are not interested in any settlement; for them crime pays, and pays handsomely; moreover it is State-approved crime; the Police will never investigate or take action; it is corruption on an incredible level and scale, and it has gone on for over a decade.

You will see that the articles contain three elements; firstly, there are original written articles, many in the first half of 1999 when I was writing new articles every week and sending them by email and fax during the weekend; then there are "MI5 Persecution Update" articles, which list happenings recent to a particular transmission; and finally there is the "old faithful" Frequently Asked Questions article which was sent on a few occasions during the three year period. These articles generated a number of interesting responses from politicians and other recipients, many of which are documented in the "received faxes" area of these webpages.

I hope you enjoy reading these articles. I'm not as angry as these articles necessarily make out, only sometimes, usually soon after the persecutors have said something unpleasant at me; the purpose of putting lots of fire and ire into the mix is to try to chuck it into the public domain which might lead to MI5 being forced to curb their actions. Unfortunately that aim was not achieved, despite many, many thousands of faxes being sent. Also, if any policemen are reading this, then I'm (a bit) sorry about the rude things I said about "the Bill" in one or two of the articles; the police have never done me any harm (yet) by commission, only by omission of doing anything to investigate my complaints or treat them seriously.


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