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MI5 Persecution: Jon Holmes (4-5/Jan/2002) (23403)

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Date: 17 Nov 2007 21:54:55 GMT
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Virgin Radio-Jon Holmes (4-5/Jan/2002)

Here are two segments from Virgin FM, one on Friday, the other on Saturday, both from the Jon Holmes evening show.

Certainty level: 80%

In early January 2002 I listened for the first time in some months to Virgin Radio, specifically to the Jon Holmes evening show on Friday 4 January 2002. They promptly attacked me verbally. Again, context is relevant. There are three instances in the space of two minutes on this extract;

00:18 "are you lying?"
00:22 "it's not fair"
01:24 "everyone at the amateur c+ turbo programmers club found it hilarious"

The first phrase is a straight slander. MI5 were trying to portray me as a liar at around this time; I have other audio with the same accusation. "are you lying?"; unsophisticated.

It's closely followed by the words "it's not fair". Note carefully the way he says it, quickly, as if to deny what he says. The phrase "not fair" was first created by OCTS MD H S.-W. in Nov/1992, and picked up on my first visit to hospital soon after "they should have paid your fare").
Again, unsophisticated parrotting of a key phrase.

The third phrase is explicable through contemporaneous context. That morning I had phoned about a C++ course. "c+ turbo programmers club"... again, somewhat brazen we're-listening-to-what-he-says-on-the-phone, and he-can't-prove-it. Something got lost in translation from MI5's watchers to Virgin, because "c+ turbo" means nothing.... there is no C+ turbo language, only C++, of which Turbo C++ is one implementation.

Certainty level: 80%

I wasn't entirely convinced from Friday's programme, but the following evening's show confirmed it. It contained a number of references to my condition, of which the following excerpt is one such;

00:09 "I'm not well, and no-one cares"
00:24 "my voice sounds all funny"
01:01 "do you mean people that aren't mad"
01:05 "medical problem is it"

"I'm not well" doesn't mean he has a cold; it means he is being sarcastic about my mental illness. "my voice sounds all funny" refers to the change in nature of my voice when acute illness hits. "do you mean people that aren't mad" is obvious. "medical problem is it"..... rubbing salt into the wound.


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