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MI5 Persecution: tinker tailor wanker thief 2/12/00 (21228)

From: <>
Date: 17 Nov 2007 19:30:31 GMT
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Crescent Grove, Clapham Common (2/Dec/2000)

Certainty level: 100%

This is one of those clips where I am absolutely, 100% certain it's inflicted by MI5 on me, because of background, context. On Saturday 2 December 2000, I was walking from my home to a pub on Clapham Common, and on the way was in proximity to a group of three English youths who were walking the other way. They turned from the main road into a private estate called Crescent Grove. Here is what they said;

(first youth) "He masturbates!"
(his mate responds) "Yeah, he masturbates!"
(and again) "Thief!"

There is a lot of context associated with this incident, which I will now relate.

Firstly, the verbal sexual abuse is a popular one with MI5, and as a statement about me is currently mostly in their imaginations. The accusation has to be seen relative to MI5's persecutory actions in late November and early December 2000, and in fact for some months leading up to this. Their relevant activities in June 2000 are documented in a message in this evidence item; following from that, they sent someone to simulate an act in front of my window, which was captured on film.

It is the publication of the video of their agent performing the act on himself which caused MI5 to restart this thread of harassment in the first few days of December 2000. But there are some subtleties; I uploaded the digitised video to this website on 26/November/2000; but I did not announce its existence on the newsgroups until Sunday 3/December/2000. These youths' slur was made the previous day, on Saturday 2/Dec. That tells us quite a lot. According to my website logs, there were no accesses to the video file before Sunday 3/Dec. So why did MI5 restart this particular thread of abuse, before their agent's activities were published on the newsgroup? The conclusion we reach is that they were watching my internet connection, either decoding the telephone line, or at the ISP; and/or they may be able to physically see what is on my notebook computer's screen, from RF transmissions from its VGA circuitry. I do not know whether the latter is technically feasible, but the former certainly is, and I have known for years that MI5 bugs my internet activities and phone calls. It is from their observation of my internet connection that they were able to tell, without accessing the video file over the net, that it was of their agent in a compromising position; and it was from that observation that their shouted slur on 2/Dec emanates.

The second accusation, "Thief!", is even more interesting. It relates to occurrences from June of 2000, some six months before these youths threw the word at me. It shows just how wide in reach geographically and temporally the MI5 persecution is; they react to something which happened half a year previously.

In the first half of 2000, MI5 made a determined assault on my friendships. In one particular case, that of A. whom I had known for virtually all my life, they partly succeeded. This person made pointed references to me which made it clear he knew what was happening; at one point he started asking "do you know anything about the FBI and the CIA". In June 2000, we went to see a film in the West End. I paid for both of us, and then asked him to return what I had paid for his ticket, some 7.50. He was reluctant to do so. Eventually he returned 5, settling for the lesser gain of 2.50.

I did not call him a thief to his face, but I may have spoken the word while I was at home, either conscious or in my sleep. MI5 have very tight control over everything I do and say in my home through their bugs; if I say anything against someone in "their" camp, they turn round the accusation against me. So, from the fact that A. tried to garner a few pounds at my expense, MI5 create the accusation, six months later..... "thief!".


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