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MI5 Persecution: Clapham Junction 6/5/00 (16878)

From: <>
Date: 17 Nov 2007 14:32:51 GMT
Message-Id: <>

Clapham Junction (6/May/2000)

Certainty level: 60%

On Saturday 6 May 2000, I was in Clapham Junction, shopping and visiting the library. At precisely 12:29pm, the above audio clip was recorded, in front of Arding and Hobbs department store. One girl was saying to her friend,

"He's a homosexual, they can say whatever they want."

There are several reasons why I think this comment might be about me. Firstly, temporal proximity to other such incidents. The persecution had restarted about two to three days before this clip was recorded. Cause of restart unknown. Personally I think it's because I was going on holiday to France the following Monday - MI5 do like to take holidays abroad at the taxpayer's expense, and inventing reasons to resurrect their hate campaign just before I go on holiday is something they've done before.

Secondly, although I am not gay, they have used such references against me before. At Oxford Computer Group in 1994, manager Steve Mitchell simultaneously abused me and another employee but saying we were "of a similar bent". Such insults show latent or quite overt homosexuality on the part of the abuser.

Thirdly, the sort of people who abuse on the basis of mental illness are the same people who abuse others on the basis of sexuality, race, religion, etc. If they can abuse a disabled man, then they will surely do so based on the other criteria mentioned.

There is still some room for doubt, though, which is why I have assigned this recording a certainty level of only slightly above evens. But "they can say whatever they want" is what gives the game away; they just choose a differentiating feature on which to base their abuse; and if one such feature gets too boring ("we've called him a nutter for the last ten years so now we'll call him something else") then they invent a different lie to throw at me.


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