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MI5 Persecution: BA984 LHR->TXL 13/6/98 (1653)

From: <>
Date: 17 Nov 2007 03:11:20 GMT
Message-Id: <>

BA984 LHR->TXL 13/June/1998

Certainty level: 100%

In June 1998 I travelled on the above British Airways flight to Berlin with my mother, to visit her family. There were two women in seats 30D/E, about 4/5 rows behind us. It was quite obvious from the torrent of abuse during these flight that these women had been instructed to harass me and attempt to obtain a reaction.

I did manage to record much of the flight, but unfortunately much of the recording is unclear because of high background noise on the aircraft. The following three excerpts from the recording are the best I can do.

The segment at position 11:34 minutes on my recording contains a fairly quiet word "paranoid", followed immediately by a much louder "yeah, he's paranoid, yeah". During the flight the abuse was not sexual, as it so often is elsewhere, but attacking my mental health.

One of the women in seats 30D/E said "paranoid" very clearly towards the end of the flight, but unfortunately I had run out of minidisc space and stopped recording by then. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that these women were directed to harass me. This harassment happens without fail on British Airways flights; I've been on something like three or four BA flights in the last 5 years and it's happened each time. Presumably this is because of international law which says incidents on aircraft during flight are actionable in the airline's country of origin - so my persecutors want a reaction from me, and they want to see me "done" in the UK where they can influence the justice system.

These incidents never happen on foreign-domiciled carriers.


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