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Re: C# Web Service in IIS Stops Connecting to Oracle (via ADO.NET) Over Time

From: Temporary <>
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2007 00:06:26 -0600
Message-ID: <Xns99E2E12CE54F0Temporary@>

Thanks for the reply. But would that (too many open cursors) happen even when you are ensuring a Close (and Dispose) call is being made, presumably disconnecting from the database each time? Is there some other cleanup that needs to be done?

Thanks again,


Frank van Bortel <> wrote in news:fgvmg3$uea$2

> Temporary wrote:
>> C# Web Service in IIS Stops Connecting to Oracle (via ADO.NET) Over
>> I have a Web Service, written in C#, published on
>> a Windows XT Web Server under IIS, which
>> repeatedly connects to an Oracle 9x database via
>> ADO, processes, disconnects from the database, and
>> exits.
>> The Web Service is triggered by our Tibco
>> messaging system; in our test environment, it is
>> invoked every ten minutes. The trouble is, it will
>> run for hours -- Connect, Process, Disconnect,
>> Exit -- then, eventually it will fail on the
>> Connect: it will throw an exception while trying
>> to execute the OracleConnection.Open method (if I
>> remember correctly, I don't have the output with
>> me at the moment), and I am not yet getting any
>> specific Oracle error message or number. All
>> connection attempts after that point fail
>> immediately.
>> If we restart IIS, it returns to normal running
>> (for a while, that is.)
>> Also, another Web service, which runs serially after
>> the failing one and has been running successfully all
>> this time, will also start failing in its connections
>> to Oracle (once the other Web Service has failed.)
>> There have been instances where the 2nd Web Service
>> has been the one to initiate the failures, seeming
>> to eliminate one specific Service as the problem.
>> My question: assuming that the Web Services'
>> Connects (Opens) are all paired with associated
>> Disconnect (Closes), is there something (some
>> resource, perhaps) in IIS or Oracle which can be
>> consumed over time, or iterations? It seems as if
>> the Web Service, although it exits, is running out
>> of something or corrupting something, which can
>> only be repaired by restarting IIS. And the effect
>> appears to be IIS-wide -- at least within the default
>> application space -- since the other process
>> fails (database connects) after the one failure.
>> Would anyone have any ideas?
>> Thanks,
>> GHuston

> ORA-10000? (Too many open cursors)
Received on Fri Nov 09 2007 - 00:06:26 CST

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