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Re: RMAN Log Analyzer

From: <>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 07:44:42 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Comments embedded.
On Sep 26, 5:05 am, wrote:
> > What you wrote, and what we were responding to was:
> > "So what I am looking here is that you guys don't know way to analyze
> > the logifiles."
> > Our unwillingness to do your work for you neither make your statement
> > correct nor give you the right to behave as you did. Reconsider.
> > --
> > Daniel A. Morgan
> > University of Washington
> > (replace x with u to respond)
> > Puget Sound Oracle Users
> Well I found it VERY rude that you would say that I expect you to do
> the work.

That is understandable, however you have been provided with a source of the information you seek. Possibly a bit of honey, rather than vinegar, with the 'Oracle people' might gain you at least limited access to the database.

> And a bit offending that you state I would expect something
> from you free.

You came to a free forum and asked a question; you DO expect something for free, and that is, at the very least, information. We have provided that to you. It's your responsibility to negotiate access to that information with the proper people. Your feeling of offense is misplaced.

> Every action has corresponding reaction.

It certainly does, and if you've been approaching the 'Oracle people' in the same manner as you've addressed members of this forum it is no surprise why you have no access to the desired data.

> I feel from
> you response that you still expect me to beg code from you.

How do you interpret any of the statements made in this thread as 'please, oh please, beg code from us'? Your statement makes no sense.

>This makes
> me sad.

I shall state this again: possibly you should adjust your communication methods with the 'Oracle people' away from the antagonistic approach you're apparently using. Treating them as you expect to be treated could open doors which are currently closed.

> I am really sorry if I offended you.

At least for me, apology accepted.

> It sure was a mistake to ask a
> question here.

Why? Because you received the answer you needed instead of the one you wanted? Simply because you haven't database access to query the necessary views isn't our problem to solve, it's yours. And if your interpersonal skills are fully evidenced by this thread it's apparent that you become defensive when the situation becomes frustrating. I believe you're forgetting that the 'Oracle people' have just as much responsibility to this enterprise as you do; if either end of this backup process fails the business will be in a bad position and could lose revenue and customers. A 'Do this or else' mentality has no place here, and it appears that's the ultimatum you're offering. It's no wonder why you can't progress to a mutually agreeable solution. You contend, from what I've read, that the 'Oracle people' have backed you into a corner, and from the tone of this exchange you feel it's intentional. I imagine nothing could be further from the truth.

You need to start working *with* these 'Oracle people', not *on* them (as you're apparently doing currently) as compromise is your best method of mitigating this situation. I would be much more receptive to someone stating "I see problems with the backups and I'm wondering how we can solve them" rather than "you people are screwing up my backups!" I imagine they will be, too.

David Fitzjarrell Received on Wed Sep 26 2007 - 09:44:42 CDT

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