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Re: Need some advice please !!

From: joel garry <>
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2007 16:52:46 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Sep 2, 7:03 pm, Mihir <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a fresh graduate and would like to know the difference between
> the skill sets required for an Oracle Applications Developer, an
> Oracle Apps DBA and an Oracle DBA. Also can someone please shed some
> light as to which of these three fields have a better opportunity and
> what should be ones interests to get into any one of these fields. I
> need an insight on these three branches of Oracle.

The skill sets vary wildly depending on companies and countries. The better opportunity is as a developer. While it does happen that people fall into DBA positions without development experience, I would strongly advise any fresh graduate away from the admin. In reality, the DBA skill that is necessary (as opposed to required by companies) include experience. There are usually an order of magnitude more development jobs available, especially for newbies. Once you have 2-5 years experience, you will see what a DBA really needs to do, and perhaps see the opportunities. It's not for everyone.

> On another note, people who can tell me to read articles and Google
> things can please aviod wasting their and my time and only those
> replies would be really appreciated who can guide me to any articles
> or whitepapers as to select one of these three as a career path.

Well, I'd definitely steer you away from DBA work with that attitude. A DBA has to be able to instantly adapt to a rigid set of rules, and just as instantly adapt to extreme flexibility and creativity as the situation warrants. A good DBA has to be curious, and willing to research problems, create hypothesis and test them, and be sceptical when evaluating articles and information found googling. Developers can find their own niche, there's a wide range of skills needed there. Then there are people who have gone beyond mere DBA and development work. The classifications you desire are for large sites, government and HR departments, in many places your label and what you actually do aren't necessarily tightly coupled.

> Also people who can name and explain me the relation between these
> branches of Oracle and SAP would be appreciated.

I could, but it would be pointless. You can google it.

> Thanks a lot !!


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