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Re: Problem with lost archive logs

From: joel garry <>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 13:45:05 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Aug 30, 12:55 pm, Brian Peasland <> wrote:
> wrote:
> > On Aug 30, 1:34 pm, "" <> wrote:
> >> Not sure if this is the correct area to ask this question but it is a
> >> start.
> >> First of all I am new to Oracle so forgive me for how basic I will be.
> >> We are running 9i on a 2003 server. Hard drive space is limited, and
> >> of course filled up with archive logs. The all but one days worth of
> >> logs were deleted using windows explorer. I found this out when my
> >> Backup EXEC 11.d job crashed the following night.
> >> Now I don't have any idea on how to tell Oracle/backkupexec that they
> >> are gone and to stop looking for them.
> >> Thanks in advance for any help.
> >> Terry
> > Sorry I forgot to mention that the servers backup had not been running
> > for a while, and I can not recover the logs. Can I force Oracle to
> > think a backup has been done and then start my backup running nightly?
> > Thanks again.
> How are you backing up your Oracle database? Are you just using Backup
> Exec? If so, then your backups are inconsistent and may not be usable
> for recovery. Have you tested recovery from these backups before?
> Backups are useless unless you can recover using them.
> I would recommend implementing RMAN to do your backup to disk. Then have
> Backup Exec backup up the backup.
> When you do a full backup of the Oracle database, you no longer need the
> archived redo logs generated before that backup. So you can remove them.
> RMAN can also be used to backup the archived redo logs and to delete
> them after they have been backed up.

You know, this thing about not needing archived logs generated before the backup isn't strictly true.

I have a situation where someone incorrectly added a datafile, then put it offline. Weeks later, here I am trying to restore a standby from a fresh complete RMAN backup, can't do, need the archive log from the time that datafile was created/offlined, don't have. There's wellknown  ways to open it if you use resetlogs, but that's inappropriate for a 9206 standby. It's the only file the restored db thinks is fuzzy.

If anybody knows a way out of this short of dropping the datafile and redoing the backup/restore, my labor day weekend is all ears.

(And now I remember why I always prefer to keep all archive logs redundantly forever, even with a much less severe SLA).


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