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Re: what is the SQL equivalent of 'continue' and 'break' in C ?

From: Ubiquitous <>
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 16:33:34 -0500
Message-ID: <> wrote:
> wrote:
>> DA Morgan wrote:
>>> wrote:
>>>> Scott wrote:
>>>>> wrote:

>>>>>> what is the SQL equivalent of 'continue' and 'break' in C ?
>>>>>> like can I do this...
>>>>>> for counter in 1..10
>>>>>> if(something something)
>>>>>> ( if (something)
>>>>>> ( if(something)
>>>>>> then continue;
>>>>>> //Rest of the for loop
>>>>>> end loop;
>>>>>> Would it start the next iteration without processing the rest of the
>>>>>> loop ?
>>>>>> thanks
>>>>>> - Ardy
>>>>> If I understand the question, something like this in PL/SQL
>>>>> loop
>>>>> loop
>>>>> if something
>>>>> then
>>>>> exit; -- continue, i.e. go on with the rest of the main loop
>>>>> end if;
>>>>> end loop;
>>>>> if something_else
>>>>> then
>>>>> exit; -- break, i.e. get out of the main loop
>>>>> end if;
>>>>> -- rest of the for loop
>>>>> end loop;
>>>> Scott,
>>>> I am a little confused about if this works the way, 'continue' works in
>>>> C language. I mean in the middle of a for loop if I have a "continue;"
>>>> in C language, the control just goes to the top of the loop and starts
>>>> a new iteration.
>>>> In your code here, 'exit'' would break me out of the inner loop and the
>>>> control would go to first statement(if any) that is outside the inner
>>>> loop. I have a bunch of statements in my code after the inner loop.
>>>> What I want to happen is that the control goes directly to the next
>>>> iteration without trying to execute any of the remaining code outside
>>>> of the inner loop..
>>>> Your code would hold good if it is the last piece of code in my outer
>>>> loop(for loop). That means it would be good if as soon as my inner loop
>>>> ends, my outer loop ends too.
>>>> Not saying that your code is wrong but your code will go down and
>>>> execute my remaining statements after the inner loop though I dont want
>>>> it to. If I wanted to do that then I wouldnt want a 'continue' like
>>>> working, now would I ?
>>>> Please let me know if I am not understanding correctly and have
>>>> misinterpreted anything.
>>>> thanks & regards
>>>> - Rahul
>>> If you want GOTO capability in Oracle use a label.
>>> I don't have any demos in the library that I can recall as I
>>> find them rather inelegant.
>>> --
>>> Daniel A. Morgan
>>> University of Washington
>>> (replace x with u to respond)
>>> Puget Sound Oracle Users Group
>> Daniel,
>> I try to stay away from GOTO. GOTOs are not evils and are helpful
>> sometimes but still I dont like to use them. I avoid them as much as
>> possible.
>> I was trying to find out if SQL has any keyword that is equivalent of
>> 'continue' in C. C has GOTO too and I have always wanted to avoid that.
>> thanks
>> - Ardy
>In answer to your question ... no there isn't. But also in your
>situation there is no functional difference between the two.
>Another option would be this though I don't like it much either:
> break EXCEPTION;
> <your code here>
> RAISE break;
> <the rest of your code here>
> WHEN break THEN
> END;
It's been decades since I used C, but isn't the original premise flawed? I mean, using a FOR loop structure and then short circuiting it is kinda silly to me. Received on Wed Aug 29 2007 - 16:33:34 CDT

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